About Us

The Brand

Equris, pronounced like the boy from Greek myth (Ick-ar-is) , is a Christian based Clothing Brand that has roots in one of the most buzzing up and coming Metro Areas, Kansas City.

The Myth

Icarus' father made wings from feathers and wax to escape a labyrinth; this took creativity, ingenuity and a lot of work ethic. Icarus was instructed not to fly too low, as the ocean water would dampen the wings, making them too heavy and not to fly too close to the sun, as it will melt the wax and he would plummet to the sea. This is a story meant to warn against 2 of the many sides of pride: Complacency and Hubris. Out of excitement and arrogance, Icarus flew close to the sun anyway...the wax melted and he crashed into the sea, drowning from the weight of the wings.  In today's world those lessons are still valuable. Complacency will get you nowhere very quickly and Arrogance while it may raise you up expeditiously, it will typically knock you down just as fast.

The Legend


Parallel to that story, as a Christian, we are told to not get too close to the Son. In some areas around the world there is still violent persecution of Christians. We are told we can love, and praise our savior... just do it quietly and privately. We must be tolerant of everyone and everything else, but don't expect that same energy... doing anything contrary to this status quo and you could lose your wings. Wings made from the wax and feathers of social acceptance, wealth, job security, free speech, physical safety. All of these things could melt away if you try to fly too close to the Son.

Yet we are Equris, we choose to fly close anyway. We stand on Philippians 3:7-10 and count it all loss for the sake of Christ. We let the feathers fall and the wax melt and drip sacrificing everything to get as close to the Son as possible. When the wings of the world melt away we are able to really elevate from our circumstance to our purpose. We are given new wings, wings that allow us to walk unashamed, boldly in our freedom, surpassing the height of our dreams, reflecting the image of greatness we are created in.

Our motto is "The hustle will make the dream the reality."  Inspired by James 2:17. Through out The Word, you see a constant theme of faith then action, of dream then work, of belief then operation. There is a process. 1) Dream 2) Pray, 3) Hustle!  The bible does not say faith without prayer is dead...God is still God regardless if you pray or do not.Our dreams however, dreams that He has placed on our heart, do not come true through prayer....prayer may give you direction, guidance, a plan...but it will take execution to make it real. Once you have a dream, believe that dream can happen for you, ask for direction and guidance through prayer...none of that matters if you don't hustle for it!

Our principle is "Do all things with Faith and Humility that God has placed these talents, abilities, ideas, wisdom, etc in you... you alone are weak but with Him you can do all things"  I believe there is power in our words... for God it is as simple as fixing some grammar. It just takes moving apostrophes... if you take the one from "i'm perfect" and realize that we are "imperfect" and add it to "impossible" it becomes "i'm possible"

Welcome to #Equris

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