Rebel Gorillaz Roadmap

This will be updated with specifics but here is the initial draft of what you can expect as a buyer and Holder of the Rebel Gorillaz NFT collection.

First 537 Gorillaz are available on Opensea Click Here To Mint yours on Polygon blockchain with no gas fees
Road map and Perks
Mint Price 0.08 ETH
50% off for whitelist members up until fully launched. Limit 3 NFTs at whitelist price per white list spot.
300 white list spots
Join our discord to stay up to date on how to get a whitelist spot. 

Terms to know:

Buyer - The first person to own the NFT after the creator (rather you paid or it was gifted to you)
Holder - The person who has the NFT at any given time.
Community - Anyone in the official Rebel Gorillaz Discord server or who owns an NFT
Royalties- After we sell an NFT, we get 10% of the resale fee, that is a royalty

Perks and Rarity of Perks

Each NFT will have random hidden perks here is the rarity list for those perks.
100% of NFTs will have a 20% discount code for any orders on this perk will be in addition to a unique perk listed below.
25% of the NFTs will come with a free item from for the original buyer.
25% of the NFTs will come with a one time use 50% off code for an order on
20% of the NFTs will have profit sharing of specific items from ( this is paid to the holder at the time of distribution)
Profit is shared quarterly
10% of NFTs will be able to have a custom design made and have the rights to sell and redistribution that specific design as they see fit.
10% of NFTs will get a one of one physical piece of art based on their NFT
5% of the NFTs will have profit sharing of specific collections from (this is paid to the holder at the time of distribution)profit sharing is distributed quarterly
1% NFTs will pay the Holder a set amount of ETH (ranging from 0.25 Eth to 2 Eth, pending certain conditions, for example, whoever is holding a certain NFT on my birthday will be gifted ETH, or whoever is holding the NFT once we reach 30% sold, or whoever is the 3rd owner)
1% NFTs will pay the buyer a portion of the royalties for that NFT for a set period (like 50% of all royalties for 12 months)
Almost 1% will grant the buyer another NFT at random
1% will grant the buyer to peek at the hidden content of up to 10 NFTs
1% will give the Holder of this NFT 0.1% of any profit earned from all royalties for this collection paid out quarterly to the Holder who has the NFT at the end of the quarter.
1 NFT will give the Holder 50% profit Sharing for any sell for 1 week. This can be used every 6 Months (The week is 7 days and it start on the day the owner of this NFT contacts the collection owner to activate this perk. The 6 months cooldown starts after the week is over. 6 months is equal to 180 days)
6 NFT will give the Holder $10,000 upon a certain condition (once the floor price has reached 1 ETH or once 30% of the NFTs have sold who ever has this NFT will be paid $10k worth of ETH. The collection owner can choose to pay out on both condition for a total of $20k)
2 NFT will make the Holder 10% of all Royalties upon a certain condition (1% of royalties per 10% of NFTs sold. Royalties paid out to the holder of this nft at the end of the month)
Profit sharing rule
Marketing and charity donations are subtracted before profit sharing is calculated. If Rebel Gorilla NFTs brings in $100,000 in one month from direct sells and royalties. 20% of that is donated. Leaving $80,000 let’s say $2000 is used for marketing that leaves $78,000 for calculating the profit share percentage.
Current NFTs eligible for profit share, once that milestone is unlocked; 00001, 00022, 00010, 00024, 00026, 00016