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Boxhead Art X Equris Limited Edition Quailman "No Caps" Track Jacket

Boxhead Art X Equris Limited Edition Quailman "No Caps" Track Jacket-Jackets-Equris

Boxhead Art X Equris Limited Edition Quailman "No Caps" Track Jacket

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Retro + Modern, Throwback Freshness, call it what you want but we just want to bring you guys a feeling of nostalgia on a new wave. Any late 80's and 90 babies will no doubt remember the great cartoons we had access to...during set times with tons of commercial breaks in between...BUT we all made sure to be in front of the TV at the time our favorite show came on. 

Doug was a fan favorite, the art work on the back was down by Boxhead Art, a young man who is super talented and very creative. It features Doug reading a comic, imagining himself as Quailman, his super hero alter ego.

You see when we were kids, our imagination took us to incredible places. As we get older and life hits us, we tend to dial it back being "more practical" or "realistic"...my question to you is...who ever told you that your imagination can't be real?

I am sure you have been told at some point, "Hey, the sky is the limit" and I am sure the person who spoke those words meant it in the best way...and you may have felt some encouragement upon hearing it....but it is subtle things like that... you see...the sky is not a limit unless you allow it to be...we are unlimited....we are created in the image of God, in the image of greatness and the cap that we have is the ones we allow to be put on us. 

I say live a life with no caps...just keeping 100, no cap!

This Jacket is Limited Edition Only 95 Will be made...get yours (Only 68 left)

Collab Drip from Deante H at Equris Clothing and Xavier G from Boxhead Art.

We hope you enjoy wearing this jacket as we did making it...of course if you can get your hands on one

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